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Abeglass has long history and experience in the industry of glass for window and door application. In fact, we are already more than 25 years working in this industry. Therefore, we can ensure that our glass products are definitely a premium quality. Not only that, we have also implemented a quality management system for our business. Because after all, the trend for the world market it is imperative to develop glass products that we offer to the consumer.

To be sure, our team now dares to offer many advantages aesthetics and also a selection of items more affordable for all, so that all consumers can now enjoy our products to apply the exterior and interior.

Abeglass.com Product

Some of the products we offer, among others:

* Tempered Glass

* Insulated Glass

* Aluminum Door & Window

* Decorative Glass Panel (Single & Insulated)

* Wrought Iron Grille

For more details, please visit our website at abeglass.com, so you can get to know about the types of aluminum and glass are there for home. The glass itself is an interior material that is capable of creating the impression of luxury in your home. Because of that, it’s no wonder that many people prefer a glass door and a glass partition for their occupancy because the glass could create a concept of luxury at home.

In fact, now in Indonesia it has a lot of wear glass door for tall buildings, such as hotels, apartments, and hospitals. Not only that, in some house today there are many who use glass doors as well. Some areas of the building that often wears accessories that glass is a glass wall shower room, hotel lobby door, glass door shower room, curtain wall, glass windows, canopies, etc.

Types of Aluminum and Glass

Talking about the types of aluminum and glass for doors that are very diverse, it all depends on the function of the glass itself. Usually, the glass door combined with aluminum. The aluminum itself is often used as a frame of glass walls and sills. From here, if you want to wear this material, it means you should be able to play games measurable glass for the building security, because if you use a glass material, it will make the security of the soul becomes more attention.

However, when the building was broken glass, this could lead to loss of life, because the pieces are very sharp. No wonder that now there are many variants of the glass-type safety glass. That is why, before you buy the glass, you should first understand a variant of aluminum and glass first. That way, you can think how important the use of both materials.

Type of Glass

For you who love the interior design of the glass, then you should know some kind of glass that is often used for home. Some types of glasses that are often used in the home, among others:

Clear glass

The glass is plain and colorless. Many people refer to it as clear glass. Normally this type of glass used for windows. Glass thickness is typically 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm. The glass is also often used for furniture, such as tables and an aquarium.

Tinted glass

The glass is included in plain glass sheets coated with color from a mixture of metals, such as iron, cobalt, selenium, etc. Many people mentioned named rayben glass for glass black. But there is also a call as panasap glass.

This glass demands a lot of people and is often used for the exterior of the building, such as the window because the glass can absorb sunlight as much as 55% so that anyone would feel comfortable wearing it. Not only that, this glass also has a low translucent, with a variety of colors, such as black, dark blue, blue-green, euro gray, bronze, dark gray, and green.

Tempered glass

This glass is a glass of the most powerful ever, so it is often used for curtain wall, canopy, glass doors, shower room wall, etc. The strength of this glass is 3 to 5 times stronger than other glass, because the production process comes from heating at a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, then quenched making compressive force and the attraction between molecules of the glass. Therefore, the glass is more secure and does not harm the victim. The pieces are usually not pivot and small.

Kinds of Aluminum

After understanding the glass type and quality, it is now time fuller longer, which discusses the type of aluminum that is suitable for your home, among others:

Basically, aluminum is the material for the glass door frames and window glass. Actually, for the manufacture of frames is not just the use of aluminum, because there are now other materials, such as UPVC. However, that is often used is aluminum.

Aluminum finishing staining process consists of two systems, the powder coating and anodizing. Anodize the aluminum staining on the system that uses electricity and chemicals. As for the powder coating system is by spraying powder coloring liquid at a specific temperature. The fluid that come out later in the form of fine granules, so the coloring will come out more evenly, more attached, and fast drying.
As for color choices, for anodizing is brown, silver, and black.

As for the color of the powder coating system includes blue, white, red, yellow, etc. Then, for its size is also more varied, there is measuring 3 “and also measuring 4″. As for the thickness is 1 mm until 1:15 mm. So, for you who want to have the size and thickness more specific, please do pre-orders first.

Well, that’s a few things related to aluminum and glass that you can use as a reference when you want to decide to create a window of glass and aluminum doors made of these two materials. Furthermore, if you are now looking for where is the best place to determine the services that can handle the manufacture of window glass, or glass doors, and the like, then you can visit abeglass.com.

Want to know why?

Because only in abeglass.com was able to create residential glass and aluminum are the best ever. Abe companies are already working with a wide range of large companies that exist around the world. In fact, this company also has licensed the standard of quality and trustworthy. Thus, you should not hesitate anymore when looking for services of making it – it. Therefore, do not be surprised if Abe has had customers from all countries in the sub-continent

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