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It’s time to know the best glass and aluminum supplier for you who are looking for the best products of glass and aluminum to manufacture door frames and window frames. Although there are actually many are also some people who prefer the wooden frame, but in fact, there are many advantages compared to the aluminum frame wooden frame that you need to know. Then, what is the frame?

Frame is that works for the laying of glass. The aluminum frame has a lot of interest because the benefits so much. It’s just for a simple house prefer to use the wood frame, for somewhat more affordable. But even then, with the use of glass frames, this will make you be more luxurious dwelling.

No wonder that today some glass and aluminum supplier increasingly demand a lot of people, especially for those who have a concept of building glass, such as hospitals, hotels, apartments, etc. By using this glass frame providing the main attraction for the viewer. It is undeniable that when the building’s exterior now many are taking the glass and aluminum frame material.

To be sure, for the advantages and shortcomings of glass and aluminum frame material can be minimized in accordance with the concept of building your own. This concept is the use of glass from the outside architects. That’s why you have to know about the glass and alumunium.

To finish, aluminum has 2 different finishing systems, which anodize and powder coating. However, for some of the hotel building rather wear aluminum frame finishing powder coating, Because the result is good, perfect, and the color is more evenly distributed. Even in some of the market itself is now widely available in various frame sizes, i.e. by 3 “and 4″.

While fatherly thickness starting from 0.9 mm up to 1:15 mm. typically use the aluminum frame is often used to curtain wall, window glass, glass canopies, glass doors, glass skylights, etc. Here are the advantages of using aluminum frames of the best glass and aluminum supplier, among others:

  1. The use of aluminum is more durable, more durable, and free from termites, cannot shrink like wood, and it will never change shape even though the weather is bad, though.
  2. The use of aluminum is more resistant to decay.
  3. The aluminum frame is lighter, yet stronger. Thus, the installation is much faster than a wooden frame.
  4. Treatment process aluminum frame derived from the best suppliers of glass and aluminum was much more simple and easy. No wonder that for convenience is making a special attraction to buyers.
  5. Display for aluminum frames can be dyed using the color of the wood and also some other motives.
  6. About of costs, frames of aluminum relatively cheaper and affordable, and more durable.
    Those are some of the advantages of using aluminum frames of the best glass and aluminum supplier that you can make as consideration for those of you who are interested in aluminum frames.

To be sure, the use of aluminum frames can also be used for the concept of a luxury building, but if you’re interested in wearing the classic design, you can consider both the advantages and disadvantages of wood frame below:

Excess wooden frame

  1. Frame the wood can be used for home design random type, since all concepts suitable for wood frame houses.
  2. The model wooden frame is more varied and in accordance with the needs of such a modern concept, traditional, minimalist, and also classical.
  3. The timber frame is more flexible and can withstand the heat from the outdoors, and this concept is able to provide a natural concept.


Disadvantages wooden frame

  1. It is difficult to find a quality wood, not the same as the aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is now easier to find.
  2. Wood more vulnerable eaten by termites, so it is not durable.
  3. The wood treatment process is more difficult, intensive, and more regularly. You have to do a painting or a special coating so that the wood becomes more durable.
  4. Wood can change shape, expand, and can have flowers that shrinkage when the quality of wood used is not good. Therefore, often the door cannot be opened while wearing ugly wood.
  5. Whereas wooden frame is more susceptible to damage, but the price of the wooden frame was much more expensive when compared with the use of aluminum.
  6. The process of installation of door and window frames with the use of wood that is much longer than the use of aluminum. Due to the use of wood was more heavy and large-volume, so a longer time.


Well, to understand the advantages and drawbacks of the use of aluminum frames and sills of the timber are made you can tell the difference from the installation of doors and windows of the material wear. Due to the use of real wood and aluminum material, it relies on the concept of building your own. The more you can apply the material with keep building your own; this will make your home more special occupancy.

Not only have that, to create the shelter more special again, made sure you choose the best glass and aluminum supplier. By doing so, you can get a glass and aluminum products are really the best and special for you. By doing so, surely this will make building your home to be more qualified and more luxurious than you buy glass and aluminum products from suppliers who do not yet have a name.

Talk about the glass and aluminum supplier, of course, you’re confused about where to find the right supplier. And, in fact, the right supplier that was in front of your eyes. They are Abeglass.com.
Abeglass ready to serve you all the time. Abe is one of the best glass and aluminum suppliers to be reckoned with, especially for those who are looking for quality products and luxury.

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