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Aluminium Door Window R1Windows and doors are perfect for creating a more spacious environment in any home. Opening onto al fresco entertainment areas, they provide a seamless transition from interior to exterior. We provide wide range of windows and doors to enhance the beauty of your home.


Sliding Windows & Door


Aluminium Door and Window

1. 100mm deep frame, double-hollow design at the bottom enhances structural integrity.
2. Multi-ladder design prevents water backflow
3. Anti-drop device prevents the sashes from falling off the sliding track
4. Easy installation
5. Adjustable rollers provide effortless sliding
6. The sizes of the glass tracks are 13mm、16mm、28mm which can be mounted with a wide range of glasses from 3mm to 22mm
7. Three-point locking device and airtight handle provide excellent sound insulation

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Casement Window (Swing Window)


Casement Window

1. Stainless 4-bar hinges are used for easy operation and allow cleaning of the glass indoor
2. The sash with 90∘ or 45∘ corner
3. Additional track for fly screen
4. The double weather-stripping is used to ensure the windows are weather tight
5. Unique designs of frames to prevent water backflow
6. The window can be combined with various windows design
7. 3mm – 18mm thick glass can be selected to suit window

Casement Window AccessoriesCasement Window Table
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